Boo's owner had recently incurred a large bill as a result of necessary cruciate surgery for their other pet, a Labrador Retriever.  So, in April, when Boo needed surgery to remove several foreign objects from his stomach, his owners cringed.  How could they responsibly add to their large debt with us when they were struggling financially due to recent cuts in their family income?  To quote Boo's owner, "This new surgery, if paid in full, would be a severe hardship for our family.  We... would 

Sometimes, the pet that finds us is the one who needs us most.  Such was the case with Lady, a beautiful cat who showed up as a stray outside a client's home.  Lady had become a part of the family, but when she was hit by a car in June, the family was faced with a tough decision.  Amputation of the broken leg would give Lady a second chance at life, but the cost of the surgery was an unexpected blow to the client, who has been retired for ten years and did not have the funds required to support the full cost of the surgery.

Thankfully, a contribution from the Angel Fund allowed our doctors to avoid euthanasia and instead perform the surgery to amputate the limb.  After a smooth recovery, Lady is happy at home, and even jumps on and off the bed as if nothing ever happened!

deeply appreciate the assistance through this fund.  If we can volunteer or help out in some way to return the favor, please let me know."  Thanks to the Angel Fund, we were able to successfully perform Boo's surgery and alleviate the financial pressure on the client. 

Meet Kovu, who in the late summer of 2017 was believed to be attacked by a bobcat. Kovu suffered eye damage to his right eye that required entropion (turning in of the eyelid) surgery. With financial assistance provided by the Angel Fund, Dr. Mike performed this surgery in hopes this will save Kovu's eye down the road.

Here's Grady! As an 8-month-old Australian Shepherd, he came in for a sick visit, exhibiting symptoms of gastrointestinal distress.  An examination and radiographs suggested he had a foreign object in his intestine, which required surgery to remove.   Fortunately, the Angel Fund was able to subsidize the cost of the surgery, during which Dr. Mike pulled out this SOCK!

Angel Fund Patients

Peaches is the sweetest kitty who, at the young age of two years old, had an unfortunate encounter with a wild animal.  Sadly, due to the mauling, she lost her right arm and developed a severe infection.  After two surgeries, multiple bandage changes, laser therapy, and lots of antibiotics, she is healed up and doing great! The assistance of the Angel Fund has allowed her wonderful owners to save her and care for her every step of the way in this journey!